Music and Musings - Part 6: Nineteenth century songs (by Foster and others)

The main page and this sub-page present self-made music, texts and sheet music. ("Some rights reserved.")

If you want to search for a certain tune, I recommend using your browser's Find function, usually invoked by pressing command-F or control-F.

In the recordings presented here, I play my d'Aigle Cascade Custom autoharp except where noted. Its chords layout and string schedule are shown here.
These recordings are in NO WAY AND NOT AT ALL meant to represent modern autoharp playing styles - they present only my own kind of melody playing, always displaying "work in progress"!


A short note on the PRINCIPLES according to which I assign CHORDS for autoharp melody playing


The table, below, is organized as follows.

The ID column contains an identifying label allowing cross-reference.

In the Recordings column you find links to MP3 files, made on my iMac with Audacity and exported with (mostly) bit rate 64 MP3 encoding, in order to save space (and because they are not CD quality anyway).
I recorded to Audicity -
(A) "acoustically", by playing directly into my iMac's little built-in microphone,
(B) "electrically", by using a USB audio interface (Edirol UA-1EX) with input directly (or recently via a Fishman G II pre-amp) from my autoharp's magnetic pickup
(C) otherwise, as explained in singular cases.
(The numbers in parentheses following the links give the playing time in minutes and the file size in megabytes.)
However, in more recent times I'm making instead of MP3 files mostly videos, which I record with a ZOOM Q3 audio/video recorder.

In the Notes column you find remarks concerning the Recording and/or the Notation entry of the same row; sometimes also links to longer texts.

In the Notation column you find links to sheet music that I made primarily for me in order not to forget the arrangement I figured out for playing a certain tune, ideally the tune presented in the Recording column of the same row.
However, sometimes there is no recording yet available of the printed music, and for some recordings I haven't made the sheets.
For proper understanding of my sheet music, you are advised to read about the principles I adhere to, see link above!

ID Recordings Notes Notation
Swanee Listen to the second tune in my Foster medley video on YouTube A Stephen C. Foster song
(cf. http://www.stephen-foster-songs.de/foster024.htm)
Old Folks at Home (Swanee River)
Jeanie Listen to the fourth tune in my Foster medley video on YouTube A Stephen C. Foster song
(cf. http://www.stephen-foster-songs.de/foster013.htm)
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
lattice Listen to the first tune in my 3/4 time Foster suite video on YouTube A Stephen C. Foster song
(cf. http://www.stephen-foster-songs.de/foster026.htm)
Open Thy Lattice, Love
silver threads - A song by Eben E. Rexford and Hart Pease Danks, 1873
(cf. http://www.stephen-foster-songs.de/amsong44.htm)
Silver Threads Among the Gold
(with new words regarding the computer programming language COBOL)
Juanita Listen to the first tune in my Juanita + Genevieve video on YouTube A traditional song. Words & Music arranged by T. G. May, 1855
(cf. http://www.stephen-foster-songs.de/amsong76.htm)
Genevieve Listen to the second tune in my Juanita + Genevieve video on YouTube A song by George Cooper and Henry Tucker, 1869
(cf. http://www.stephen-foster-songs.de/amsong46.htm)
Sweet Genevieve
label music annotation sheet
label music annotation sheet

Here you can see me using again my Line 6 Micro Spider amplifier (photo by Maria Kemmerling-Streller, 2012-01-14):